Concierge conference set to start tomorrow

The word concierge is thought to come from the Latin word conservus – translating roughly as to slave.

However the 300-plus world class top-of-their-game concierges visiting Queenstown this week would quickly dispute this definition.

The Union Internationale des Concierges Hotels will hold its 60th international congress between three of Queenstown’s top hotels, The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sofitel and Novotel.

Starting tomorrow ”The best of the best in the game” would network and run an educational symposium, congress chairman Franz Staufer said.

Doubling as president of Les Clefs d’Or New Zealand, Mr Staufer said top concierges from Dubai, New York and London would be present. All had had to apply and sit an examination.

”It is exclusive, but you work hard for it.”

The group will be treated to outdoor activities this week including winery tours in the Gibbston Valley, the Shotover Jet, the Canyon Swing and a tour into Skippers Canyon.

The Les Clefs NZ branch put in their hosting bid in four years ago at the intranational congress in China and Mr Staufer was delighted to bring it home for the first time in the organisation’s 80-year history.

Queenstown Lakes District mayor Vanessa van Uden will open the conference at a cocktail evening up Skyline tomorrow night.

It will continue through to Friday as the annual meeting will be held, along with a board of directors meeting and a gala dinner to close, he said.

The Hotel Concierge Society Les Clefs d’Or NZ is a non-profit, non-political association of tourism industry professionals. The international society has 3500 members in 42 countries.

Otago Daily Times


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